The promotion «Clean city»

Students of the Engineering and Technological Faculty West Kazakhstan Innovative Technological University took an active part in the autumn citywide clean-up held on the 12th of October 2019. The aim of this event is to clean the adjacent territory of the Faculty building.

The most active students in this promotion the student of the next groups: ND-12 Ospanov Eldar, Artem Velichko and Aramisov Islam (the adviser is Gubashev B. U.), ND-12 accelerated group Kultysheva Anastasia, Kuanbaev Eilbeck and Sataev Adil (the adviser is Amanova B. N.) and ND-22 accelerated group Chunaev Dauren, Saratov Elaman (the adviser is Kalesheva G. E.) and ND-11 Kaberova Zhansaya, Semenov Nowruz (the adviser is Gubaidullin K. Zh.).

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