On October 16, 2019, the Youth Affairs Committee for freshmen of the West Kazakhstan Innovative and Technological University held the event “Initiation to Students” in the assembly hall of the Youth center of Uralsk. This event was a welcome event for 1st year students. There are about 400 such lucky people who entered full-time education this year.

The gathered first-year students were congratulated by the Rector of the West Kazakhstan Innovative and Technological University, Doctor of Economics, Professor Gabdualieva Raushan Smadinovna, and wished good luck with the first session, because it is after its completion that the freshmen will become real students. The celebration continued with the traditional transfer of symbols of dedication: student card and gradebook. Senior students told their younger colleagues about the values ​​of a particular specialty. Also, freshmen students made a solemn oath of initiation.

The participants of the event showed a real show. Stunning modern dance, and the dance in the style of “Retro” from first-year students, combined with excellent vocal data of senior students. The audience was not indifferent to the songs of those invited to the evening of the popular duet Daulet Tana and Bakha Kesh. First-year students were shown a video about the university.

It is worth noting that the vast majority of participants speaking this evening are first-year students who were happy to show their talents to the audience. The celebration of students ended with the beautiful song “My University” performed by Mergali Azamat and Dzhonisova Dana.

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