Language is the soul of the people

On 25th of September 2019, the department of general educational disciplines held the event “Til halyktyk zhani”, dedicated to the day of the languages of Kazakhstan people.

The event was held with the aim of fostering love and respect for the mother tongue and one’s country and expanding knowledge of languages and traditions of different nationalities, the country established the Day of Languages of the People of Kazakhstan, which is celebrated on the third Sunday of September.

The teachers of the department took an active part in organizing the event.

The teachers of the department took an active part in organizing the event: Shkanova B.A., Zharkeeva A.M., Sultangalieva A.A., Tuleuova A.M., Kurmanova Zh.B., Razakhova F.Zh.

Within the framework of the event, an exhibition of teaching aids, textbooks on the Kazakh language, professional Kazakh language, Russian language, professional Russian language, English language was organized, presentations with expressions from the law on languages ​​and a variety of languages ​​were also shown. The reports “Memkettik til – tauelsizdik nyshany” “Language is the soul of the people” on the introduction of multilingualism in Kazakhstan were read.

Students actively participated in organizing and conducting the concert are: Musaev Bahram group TD-11, Manatyly Yermakhan group EL-11, Platitsina Alena group EL-11, Huseynov Hassan group VT-22, Berdasheva Arina group OP-12, Lyubin Roman group ND-12, Elemesov Darkhan group ND-11, Shamenov Nauryz group ND-11, Goryunov Vitaly group TTT-12, Dossanov Dauren group ND-12, Karlova Aruzhan group TD-11, Ibraev Madi group TTT-11, Bolat Zhangul group BZhD-11, Biljan Shyngyskhan group VT- 11, Tolegenov Ақtіlek group IS-11, Abdrakhmanova Karina group ECL-11, Ahmet Ayazhan group BC-11, Okhaeva Gaukhar group OP-22, Sagidullin Yernar group OP-12.

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