WKITU students participated practice in the Khvalynsky National Park of Saratov Region

From 10th  to 16th of  July, 2019, 1st year students of BZD-12 group of Engineering and technological faculty of WKITU Nikolay Prokazov and Veronika Senkovets were sent to the Saratov State Technical University named after Gagarin Yu.A. with the aim of undergoing practical training in the Khvalynsky National Park in Saratov Region. The head of practice from WKITU was Kurmasheva Gulshat Rakhmetullaevna, senior lecturer of Ecology and Biotechnology Chair, Master of Engineering.

As part of the planned practice program, students attended a sightseeing tour of the national park. During the tour, they visited Belenkaya Mountain, the Kalanchevsky Range and the pine forest. They also made a trip to the Volga Upland, where they dealt with the definition and description of soil horizons, and also determined the elevation differences using the level.

Students needed to examine the water from the Holy Spring at hydrology lesson. To determine the degree of water pollution, chemical experiments were carried out in which the contents of manganese, calcium, sodium, iron, sulfates and chlorides were measured. After all the necessary studies, it was concluded that the water meets hygiene requirements.

At the end, a tour of botany was conducted for students, where they received a general idea of ​​the plant world of the studied region and learned to distinguish forest, steppe and weed plants.

During their practice, students attended fascinating excursions to the museums of the Solnechnaya Polyana tourist complex. The Groundhog Museum impressed with its decor and very unusual expositions. In the museum, Bees got acquainted with the way of life of bee families, as well as with the history of beekeeping in this region. In the end, students took a fascinating tour of the exhibition halls of the new Ecosvet Visit Center. Here, students got acquainted with the unique natural and cultural landscapes of the Khvalynsky National Park, expanded their knowledge about the diversity of the flora and fauna of the park.

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