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WKITU Professors Training at the Universities of Poland and Germany

During 10 days a group of professors of the Pedagogical faculty of West Kazakhstan innovativ-technological University, they were: Vice-rector for academic work, Professor of history Zhaskairat Yernazarov, Professor of history Baktyly Boranbayeva, Professor of Samat Kurmanalin, Professor of natural Sciences Galina Urakchintseva visited and studied the peculiarities of the higher education system in Poland and Germany. We visited three Polish cities – Warsaw, Bydgoszcz, Toruń and in Germany – Berlin.

Academic training under the program “Higher education in Poland. The fundamental principles of grant” was held in Bydgoszcz which is the eighth largest city in Poland, University of Economics, from 25 to 29 April 2017.

The aim of the training was the acquaintance with the peculiarities of the higher education system in Poland, the main features of distance education, the basic principles of writing grants and research projects, possibilities of the Erasmus programme for foreign partners, the principles of lifelong learning as the basis of the European education system, Bologna education system, the positive and negative aspects of Dual-degree programs. The training on this program gave the opportunity to obtain information on the European system of higher education, on the principles of international cooperation.

Any city has its own history and culture. The dialogue of cultures “Historical and cultural aspects” was organized in the city of Torun, located on the Vistula river. We ve’got acquainted with the historical places the city of Bydgoszcz, visited the archaeological Museum.

But, of course, the main goal of our visit was the University of Economics. We saw the features of the higher education system, the features of distance education in Poland. We are clarified for ourselves by the basic principles of the writing of granting projects and the possibility of participating in the Erasmus program as foreign partners. Very important information was found in the principles of lifelong learning.

Also in Bydgoszcz we were invited to visit the state University after Kasimierz Wielki, engaged in training of specialists accordingly with the Bologna system, which is mandatory throughout the European Union. Students are trained in a three-tier system: a study of the first educational qualification level – “Bachelor” (3 years) or engineer (3.5 years); study of the second educational and qualification level “Master” (2 years); study of the third educational qualification of “Doctor of Sciences” (4 years). We have also familiarized with the main directions of activities of the University, discussed the possibility of cooperation.

From 29 April to 3 May our group was acquainted with the historical places of Berlin city in Germany. It is a historical Museum, the Reichstag, the Brandenburg gate, the monument to the Soviet soldiers fallen in the Great Patriotic war, the tomb of a famous Kazakh educator of Mustafa Chokai, etc. So we had a very great chance to visit the Faculty of education at the Humboldt University, one of the oldest and most famous universities throughout the world. At this school, their professors currently pays great attention on developing the methodology of teaching children with disabilities, the purpose of which is the education of these children in regular schools. In a joint conversation we could focused on the possibility of our participation at such programs.

Upon completion of the course all participants were awarded certificates.


Sport – the key to health

January 20, 2017 on the basis of a tourist-recreational complex «Eurasia» has passed Day of winter sports organized by the Faculty of Languages and Management of  WKITU.

This event was held to support local athletes at the 28th World Winter Universiade, to attract teachers to the wellness and sports events and promoting a healthy lifestyle and sports among young people. The sports festival was attended by Rector of the University, Professor R. Gabdualieva and teaching staff of the Faculty. The event, whose motto was “Sports-the key to health, held at a high level and in a festive atmosphere of the sporting spirit.

Presentation of Diplomas of the Russian Federation on retraining

As part of the innovative-educational consortium concluded between WKITU and Saratov State Technical University named after Yu.A.Gagarin during 2013-2016 years students of Engineering and Technological have been trained at program of additional professional education “Interpreter in the sphere of professional communication” (The programme supervisor – senior instructor Zharkeeva A.M., leader instructor of English language – senior instructor Kurmanova Zh.B.)  and defended qualifying diploma work:

1) Elena Chizhikova – a graduate of WKITU, specialty “Technical Machinery Equipment”, the Department of Technique and Technology

2) Ruslan Yergaliev – a graduate of WKITU, specialty “Standardization, metrology and certification”, the Department of Ecology and Biotechnology

3) Ruslan Meshitbaev – a graduate of WKITU, specialty “Veterinary Medicine”, Department of Ecology and Biotechnology

4) Asemgul Balpeissova – a graduate of WKITU, specialty “Oil and Gas Business”, the Department of Technique and Technology

5) Alexander Ivanov – a graduate of WKITU, specialty “Technical Machinery”, the Department of Technique and Technology

6) Valeriya Noskova – a graduate of WKITU, specialty “Finance”.

7) Ruslan Kultipirov – a graduate of WKITU, specialty “Oil and Gas Business”, the Department of Technique and Technology

The presentation of diplomas of the Russian Federation on retraining, giving the right to perform a new type of professional activity was held at the Engineering and Technological Faculty of West Kazakhstan Innovation and Technological University. The Dean of the Faculty Ph.D., professor Kadyrgaliyev N.M. personally handed the diplomas of Russian Federation with specialization “Interpreter in the sphere of professional communication”.

Dear colleagues, teachers and students!

Congratulations on the coming New year!

May the coming year be full of new plans, creative ideas, good news and financial success!

We wish that the coming year will be no less successful than the last. Let embody all courageous creative plans. To all of you I wish the family well-being, financial stability, active working days and weekends and exciting holiday!

Reliability, stability and prosperity – the success of our cooperation!


Sincerely, rector’s office of West Kazakhstan Innovation Technological University.

Business Game: “The problem of public debt: causes, consequences and solutions”


December 6, 2016 at the Faculty of Languages and Management was held economic business game on the theme “The problem of public debt: causes, consequences and solutions” on “Macroeconomics” discipline. Participated students 122, 124, 222, 224, 422, 822 groups of specialties 5B050600 “Economics”, 5B050700 “Management”, 5B050800 “Accounting and Auditing”, 5B051000 “State and local management”. The business game was held under the leadership of “Economics and Management” Nurgaliyeva E.M . The jury consisted of teachers: Senior Lecturer. Urazova B.A,Senior Lecturer. Islyamov R.S., Senior Lecturer. Tastemirov S.A., Storozhenko N.A.


Conducting business game was aimed at achieving the following teaching and educational purposes:

  1. training – formation of economic knowledge based on each student’s inclusion in the actual process of addressing emerging economic problems;
  2. educational – manifestation in the game of business and personal qualities: activation of the attention shown the temperament, the development of intellectual abilities;
  3. developing – the acquisition of skills of business prudence and ability to make a quick analysis of the current economic situation in the course of the game, the calculation of the most profitable ways out of crisis situations, the formation of an active creative thinking personality.

In the business game the guys showed their skills in the following areas:

  1. Sources of government revenue. State budget expenditures. The balance of the state budget.
  2. Main reasons and sustainable fiscal deficit. Funding for the state budget deficit. Share a way, internal and external loans.
  3. The relationship of internal and external debts. Socio-economic impact of public debt.
  4. Managing the debt of the state. Indicators of debt sustainability.

The business game was attended by three teams: “Leaders,” “Business people”, “Children of the market”, which took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively. For the nomination “The best player of the team” were awarded diplomas: groups Abylai Kenzhetaev, student Veremeva Alain, a student group Aysel Askarov. For active participation in the business game received diplomas: 822 student groups Mufteeva Diana, a student group Theodore Norman, student groups Vrutskaya Carolina.


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