The meeting with the guest expert from Germany with teachers from the Department of Economics and Management

October 11, 2016 was a meeting of teachers of the department of Economics and Management with a guest expert from Germany Bernhard Widmann. Bernhard Widmann came at the invitation of Languages Department and Management on line SES (Senior Experten Service). The residence time of from 10 to 29 October 2016. The aim of the expert visit is training teachers of economic disciplines.

Senior expert, thanks to his many years of professional work as head of the commercial vocational school in Revensburge, as well as his work in the Ministry of Culture of the Land Baden-Vyurttmberg and governmental presidium of Tübingen, has accumulated extensive knowledge in the fields of economics and business administration, accounting.

Bernhard Widmann told teachers of system of vocational training in Germany.

In Germany professional education system is highly valued around the world, as it involves parallel training in the educational institution and the enterprise (company), and the second priority is holding, as a rule, 3/4 of training time. Educational Institution sums received by the firm knowledge of the theoretical basis and extends the overall outlook. 80% of students enter into a contract with the company, where they arrive as students/

SES – Senior Experts Service is a fund of the German economy on international cooperation. SES offers to all interested persons an opportunity, after retiring to participate in life of society, passing on their knowledge and skills to other people, both at home and abroad. Since the SES was founded in 1983 by senior experts, there were implemented more than 25,000 aid projects in 160 countries.

Being financially independent, senior experts provide their knowledge on a voluntary basis. They are characterized by high motivation and extensive professional experience. SES promotes the transfer of knowledge and experience across the borders, generations and cultures.

At the end of the meeting Bernhard Widmann answered questions from teachers. The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere.


Regional creative festival «ЖАНА ТОЛҚЫН-2016»

October 8th was the Regional Student Festival of the first year students «Жана Толқын-2016». 40 students of our university participated in this festival and demonstrated their skills. They became the winners in eight nominations. At the end of the festival students of our faculty were the winners in the category “Directing”. Student of specialty “Foreign Languages” Margarita Goryunova  took the first place in the category “Best Leader”.


At the festival of  university our students took third place.


We express our sincere gratitude to the students for active participating in the preparation and conduction of the festival. With the victory, dear students!






Teacher’s day

September 29, on  Languages and Management Faculty held a solemn meeting devoted to the professional holiday of teachers – Teachers’ Day. This meeting was opened by the Dean of the Faculty, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Zh.Zhumaev. He congratulated the faculty on this occasion and presented the staff which was selected on a competitive basis. They started to work in this new academic year. Then the students of the seven specialties pleased their mentors with the festive concert.


Teachers enjoyed the presentation, prepared by members of the Students Senate Bibinur Sahieva, Nurbolat Zhanbolatov, Asel Mendesheva, Nuray Kanalina and Adilkhan Kapiev and by students of the  1 course of a specialty “Cultural and leisure work” – Vladislav Hwang, Asylay Serikova, Daniyar Kenzhegaliev; “Economy” -Gulnur Bisekeshova, Alikhan Zhanbatyrov. Spectators also thanked the performances of students specialty “Foreign languages” including  Azamat Ergaraev, Aksamal Akhmetovf, Alia Bakhtiyarova ,Yana Fedorova and other artists.


Introducing the principle of trilingualism

According to the Republican program for the implementation of polylinguism, Department of Foreign Languages and Translation studies of West Kazakhstan Innovation Technological University began its work i.e. training teachers of English language from rural, regional secondary schools.


The first stream of students formed of teachers Bokeyordinskiy, Taskalinskiy, Zhanibekskiy, Shyngyrlauskiy and Terektinskiy areas have already started to learn language from 19.09.2016.

Every day, all classes are held in computer rooms, which are equipped with modern educational aids: televisions, computers, flipcharts (marker board), tape recorders. Classrooms are equipped with varieties of computer training programs.

Teachers of the department conduct classes in alternative form: conversation, business games, watching movies with subsequent discussion. They used a new generation of textbooks published by Oxford’s University Press (New English File).


U. Doukarieva,

Head of the Chair of  Foreign languages and Translation Studies, candidate of philological sciences, professor.

Memorial evening by E. Gizzatov

On the 13th of September 2016 at the faculty of languages and management was the evening dedicated to the memory of Eldos Gizzatov, honorary professor and candidate of economic sciences.

Family members, friends, colleagues, students and pupils who participated in the evening, got acquainted with the milestones of the biography and achievements of the scientist, shared memories of his pedagogical talent and other rare qualities. On this memory ’s evening it was said by the Rector of the University R. Gabdualieva , by the Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Management Zh.Zhumaev and other his friends and colleagues. On behalf of the students was scholar grant named by E. Gizzatov, F. Mustafina. Guests watched a film and listened to the excerpts from the book “Ahead of time”, dedicated to E. Gizzatov.